Clues and Gumshoes strives to create experiences that evoke emotions, creativity, and curiosity.


Clues and Gumshoes is Berkeley's first Escape Room!  Located in the heart of UC Berkeley campus,  Clues and Gumshoes Escape Rooms are surrounded by some of the best dining, art, and entertainment in Northern California!

We are honored to be able to hire locally, work with local businesses, and foster a stronger community!


Clues and Gumshoes takes pride in the concept, design, story lines and execution of our rooms.  In a world where technology drives mental stimulation, Clues and Gumshoes Escape Rooms rely on analog, real-world props, intense details, and deep-leveled story lines to create unique moments that you will remember.


Clues and Gumshoes is a company comprised of local creative "puzzlers" that truly believe you should never stop learning, thinking, or solving!  Our entire company is dedicated to ensuring you have heightened experiences that makes you realize that you can solve everything!

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