The Connection

They fell in love and left the show.  They started their life and saved her.  She connects the rooms.

This is her favorite bedtime story that inspires her to scribble. She's captured instantly and a new hobby is created.

She escapes to her hideaway with not a care in the world. Here she does what she loves to do...scribble!

She was pushed passed the breaking point.  She wrote this story, but did she really want it to happen or was it all just a metaphor?

I am Jackie.  My parents met at the theater.  They would read me my favorite bedtime story, which was about a ship.  It captured my imagination.  I would go to my hideaway and scribble.  I just didn't know it would come to this.  Why did I write this?  Did I really want a tragedy to happen to my real parents?  I think me and the little boy did have something in common...he wanted something for himself, and so do I...

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