The Show
Go On

With just a few hours before the big show, things just don't feel right.  Who is missing? Was a little girl named Jackie the reason they didn't show up? Take a peek behind the curtain, explore this theater set, play the parts and be the one to help the show go on!

Captivated at Sea

Your imagination will set sail while trying to solve Jackie's favorite fictional novel. Pirates have captured the captain's daughter and only her words can help you "navigate" an escape.  But be careful, these pirates won't go without a fight!  

Her Hideaway

Everyone has their own escape from reality, and this is Jackie's.  But in such a wondrous and curious place, not everything is easily revealed. Be a kid again and use the writings on the wall to try and solve what is being hidden away in this fun hideaway.   

Toys and Tragedy

This dark dwelling place is the perfect setting for this sinister story Jackie composed.  What atrocity happened with this little boy?  Can you look past his "friends" to see all he wanted was something so simple!  They say characters in stories reflect their authors, and it appears this isn't any different.

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